Things that I do and Catch 22

From a very long time ago. Five years, precisely.

Telling Tales

Finally my bike is home after being through hell. It looks all shiny-shoo, it also feels good to touch. But the best part is that it actually moves now.
After refusing to budge an inch, I deposited my bike with the mechanic during these holidays. The holidays came as a curse as well as a blessing meaning I was stuck at home for a week while my bike got a makeover.
I was a model of laziness this week. I lolled around the bed all the days, watched movies all the nights and fell in love with Catch-22.
Curiously, on previous occasions when I had attempted to read the book, I couldn’t get past the first 4 chapters. And all the time not a word would penetrate my thick skull. Those occasions would amount to nearly 10-12 times. This time I was determined. I had to read it after being…

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