Of Promises and Disappointments: The House on Carnaval Street


It is unfortunate that a promising book turns out to be a tacky read within just the first 10 pages. An encouraging title, a quirky front cover, and an enticing summary that hinted at a charming travelogue-memoir-esque tale led me to pick up this book.

From the perspective of a South Asian reader, Deb’s character comes across as offensive in her interactions with different cultures. In the few chapters that I endured she reflects a tendency to cast herself as a savior for people from non-developed economies viz. Mexico and Afghanistan. Her surprise at an English-speaking waiter in Mexico speaks volumes of her awareness despite of her claims as a traveler. She believes that her tendency to attract men who want to marry her is a remarkable asset. She continues to equate men to mean opportunity. If she claims to be as independent like she really is, why the need for an opportunity in the form of a man is something I never understood. Like, seriously? The author seems to be living in a bubble in a time gone by.

I read 100 pages and could not take any more.

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The Calcutta Chromosome

Again, from the past in an attempt to consolidate my reflections on books that I have read over the years. This book was and remains, singularly, one of the most brilliant books that I have ever read.

The Calcutta Chromosome.

via The Calcutta Chromosome.

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Things that I do and Catch 22

From a very long time ago. Five years, precisely.

Telling Tales

Finally my bike is home after being through hell. It looks all shiny-shoo, it also feels good to touch. But the best part is that it actually moves now.
After refusing to budge an inch, I deposited my bike with the mechanic during these holidays. The holidays came as a curse as well as a blessing meaning I was stuck at home for a week while my bike got a makeover.
I was a model of laziness this week. I lolled around the bed all the days, watched movies all the nights and fell in love with Catch-22.
Curiously, on previous occasions when I had attempted to read the book, I couldn’t get past the first 4 chapters. And all the time not a word would penetrate my thick skull. Those occasions would amount to nearly 10-12 times. This time I was determined. I had to read it after being…

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